Sunday, 2 December 2007

An Hour Away From Reality

aLast night I went to work with the grumpiest mood i ever have. I blamed the weather, I blamed the bus, I washed the pans with the loudest BANG sound ever, I operated the wash disher like I am going to torn it to pieces at the end of the night.

I even left 5 minutes early on our 10 minutes cigarette breaks (usually the time for us to talk the most nonsense topics). I am not smoking, so don't worry everone. I am just a secondhand smoke victim ;)

Michael and paul told me I am suffering from seasonal affective disorder because i ate the chocolate mix without me noticing what i am doing, I ate all the left over chips and christmas pie and even finish the bounty michael gave me (ussually I don't even touch it and bring it home).

So,I went home feeling more miserable because someone is not talking to me due to some silly argument, and felt very guilty because I broke my promises to go to Nottingham Games and have fun with everyone. I guess, working is more important to me, and I don't know how to explain it to others about the responsibilities to come to work and 'ponteng' is not an option at all.

I woke up very late today, around 3pm and suddenly remember I promised Paul to check on Katherine and Michael at the kitchen at 7. I arrived to town too early (about 6pm) and don't know how to spend an hour doing nothing.

The naughty me want to have a look at the handsome and constantly grumpy italian chef at the famous Real Italian Pizza Company. To cut long story short, the area around the open kitchen is full so I have to sit upstair.

It upset me a little bit. However, the waiter incharged upstair is sooooooooooooo italian. he has the perfect italian accent, perfect italian hair, perfect italian butt, perfect italian skin, perfect italian eyes. Anyway, my point is, he is the real italian haha.

The best thing is I am the only one eating upstair, so it's only me and him. I started to order and asked so many questions, because i am in 'gedik' mood. He explained everything to me and making italian jokes and looked into my eyes.

The service at the restaurant known as very slow, but my pizza arrived to my table in less than 5 minutes with a strong italian hand serving it to me. Feeling sooooooooooo lucky.

I am eating and he is doing whatever a waiter should do. He start to sing and I just 'ushaing' him and hoping he didn't notice what I'm doing and I started taking his pictures. And he notice me!!! he stood there and look at me but I pretending I am texting someone from my mobile.

Then he continue cleaning and jumping all the way down the stairs. He's so cute!
He came back 5 minutes later with my dessert, chocolate fudge cake and a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a cup of cuppoccino.

He forgot to bring sugar and asked if I need one. I said yes. I think he purposely did that so he can kept coming upstair to serve me hhehehe.

you can call me 'perasan' or whatever, but I am really-really happy and in a better mood now.

Then, I went to the kitchen (the place i work), found out they're not too busy.I collected my tips last night from Rhiannon at the bar. She noticed my brand new handbag (a girl will be very happy if someone noticed their new stuffs, anyone agree with me?) and gave me two GBP5 notes.

She said she calculated last night tips and there'll be more than GBP20 tips in the bank as well because paying by cards were more popular last night :)

5 happy little things happen in a row. I should able to concentrate on my study after tonight.

p/s : aku rasa pelik sebab lagi selesa menulis dalam bahasa inggeris sejak akhir-akhir ini. Mana yang lebih baik? terukan dalam BM atau tukar ke BI?


hAjArE said...

mane2 pon bole..kalo aku..slalu terpengaruh nak tulis dlm bm kalo bace ko nye blog..kalo bace syazleen pnye..rase mcm nak tulis dlm english both languages i suck!

WaWa said...

tak kesah pon. tulis la dua2. ko tulis plain english. bagus. hoho. ada sesetengah blog yang kategori 'personal' tulis english berbelit2. pening kepala. haha..

eh. eh. kalo aku kan, aku amek tu gmbr italian guy yang suda berdiri mcm suda ready utk diambil gambar. hahaha.. eh, nda kan la teda gmbr yg lagi clear? hahaaa..

arsaili said...

part time job eh? waaaa make lots of money

w a n t w o b u c k l e m y s h o e said...

hehe. jd seperti aku zeq. buat dedua bahasa. dan aku tahu dedua pun aku belitkan hingga org pening baca or tanak baca. zeq pun pening kot baca pasal rallies tu. sebelum ni pun ramai pening dgn post bm atau bi aku.

tp yg penting, mamat italian tu org mana. naples ke. hehe. tak salah suka bekerja, dalam darah ko dah zeq. with the money as well u can do a lot of stuff.

sampulnak said...