Thursday, 17 January 2008


I am going to die. I know it.

It's 7 hours to MA20010 paper. and I can't even answer anything from the past years.

Yes, I don't even understand the question !!!

I want to cry, I want to shut myself and refuse to go to the exam.


one sandwich short of a picnic said...

i remember uve been like that before and there's no reason why u cant overcome that again. keep ur spirits up and all the best zeq.

rafshan said...

MA20010: Vector Calculus and Partial Differential Equations.
baru aku google apa benda tuh.

huhu. apa2 pun, wish u all the best.

aku slalu mcm tu.

bila dekat exam jak, mulalah keluar idea2 buduh "menyesal lah belajar perubatan", "kalau aku tau aku masuk Alam", "jadi penyanyi kan senang...", "tension nya hidup!!!", dan lain2.

abes exam, normal balik. hahahh

Precious said...

relax. culculus is one of ur fav kan? u can do it Zeq. calm down! AND hey ... u can always repeat paper? (lol i guess this is not helping) harap2 ko dapat cooldown yung. jan ko panik. payah nanti.