Thursday, 3 January 2008

I have too many characters

Why I don't write any summary of 2007 or new year resolutions?

My answer is, because I have too many personalities. I change my behaviour according to whom I am with. So, it's really difficult for me to write honestly about myself without making some of friends 'mati terkejut'.

So, here is few different characters I have :

while with my nucleus family
A lazy girl. Cannot be trusted to have any responsibilities. Cerewet. Always away. Basically, I am a difficult girl to handle because I was a rebellious teenager. My circle of friends when I was not in the boarding school was a gang of 'gangster kampung' who always drink alcohol and taking drugs. That's explain why I can't be trusted. Luckily, they never have to worry about my grades at school. A very independent girl. love to read.

while with my sister
someone who gave her the advice she needs. about future. about study. love to read.

while with my extended family
a quite girl who never talk. I don't think they know much about me, because I never really have a decent conversation with them because I always watching tv or sleep while at their houses. or listening to whatever they said to me. love to read.

while with my SMKATS' friends
someone who will put friends (them) on top of anything. someone who cry a lot. a super genius who can't fail any exam. someone who madly in love with acai. someone who come from a disfunctional and financially unstable family. but I never really bother because I have them (my friends). They know I am being rebellious to my family. someone very chatty. someone who love to read so much. someone who sleep a lot. teachers (specially wardens don't really like me for my rebellious attitude). very independent.

while with my SMSL's friends
for some reason they think I came from a rich family. someone who madly in love with acai. someone who eat a lot. someone who sleep a lot. doing ok with my study. always chatty and make people laugh. shop a lot. participate in everything you can possibly imagine. I am a teacher's pet. flirty. love to read. obses about cuteness.

while with my KYUEM's friends
a weird sabahan girl. very sensitive. someone who don't want to participate in anything. fat and lazy. like to sleep and eat. my grade was very very very bad. love to read comics and magazines.

while in Bath
a girl who shop a lot. spend money without thinking. too lazy to climb the hills. like to work. travel too much. love to eat and sleep. love to read. a weird girl from sabah. cannot be trusted to have any responsibilities due to my laziness.

while with my internet friends
a girl who does almost everything. love to read.

while with acai
I cry a lot. I am very needy. I came from an unstable family. I am very ambitious. I read a lot. always breaking up with him. and came back to him. innocent. never sleep or rest, because while people think I am sleeping, I am actually writing letter to him or calling him. I like to eat. manja.

and for those who always ask me why I put an end to my on-off relationship with acai LAST FEBRUARY. this is the answer. because I am tired being THE ZEQ WHILE WITH ACAI. He never understand me or know the real me.

but who actually does?

I believe everyone is like me.

people change when they are with others.


w a n t w o b u c k l e m y s h o e said...

satu posting yg berani. i mean zeq mendetailkan banyak perkara. i like to think that i know u enuf, tho we never meet up, and wif the many personalities.

hamadah said...

soooo true...i myself know for a fact that i act differently with different people...some might regard to it as being hypocritical..but i think it's just the best way to bring myself other words, it's called adapting oneself to the surroundings...kalo tak...cane nak survive..tul tak??

rafshan said...

err, tu bukan hipokrit.

itu adalah flexibility, atau tolerance.

kedua2nya adalah perkara yg sangat baik.

hipokrit tu cam ni, kira org yg kita anggap kawan, dia slalu backstab kita, tp depan kita, dia jilat2 muka kitaa.