Tuesday, 25 March 2008

I might be say yes

to someone that could give me the 'something-from-sabah' feeling. Just wait and see what will happen.

Geneva trip was great. I will upload the pictures as soon as I have the mood.

and currently very piss off with everyone for being :

1. plastic
(asking you question that they don't really want to know the asnwer, just for the sake asking you something).

2. selfish and self centre bitch. (pm me if you feel like bitching)

3. parents that not sound excited when I announce that I coming back to Sabah in 3 months time.

4. nice because they want to ask you a favour, but disappear the next second.

and many more......


joey said...

sabar la yer.. kalau bosan2 tu jgn lupa buzz aku kat ym.. =)

Anonymous said...

owhh...ye ke???
nanti balik semporna jangan lupa calling2 sy ye...ada rezeki leh jumpa...take care dear :)

Ahmad Zharif bin Ahmad Zahir said...

plastique!!!!! i hate that...... better be kera sumbing rather than tergedik2 to make ppl notice you!!! but when yr fren pun plastique gak.....better dok diamm!!!
i think plastique2 sekalian perlu di'recycle' kan jek!!!...xpun lupus kan trosss....hahaha

one sandwich short of a picnic said...

sbb dh setel, i wont go further. esp since im currently bitching wif u now anyway. huhu.

rafshan said...

ndak sangka kan, suda 2008,
stupidity of human races still exist.

marilah berkempen anti plastik, dan anti anjing betina!!!!!


Tentang aku said...


ntah la.... susah juga mau hapuskan plastik2 sekian alam......

kan drg x terbiodegradasi....

thans everyone for the comments