Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Everytime I met new people, the first thing I will notice is their accent.

Accent is something that had amused me for years, you can tell exactly which part of world someone came from just from hearing the way they talk.

If you particularly familiar with certain area, you can exactly know which city he/she came from. In my case, by hearing someone from eastern Sabah talking, immediately I will know he/she is from Semporna, Tawau, Kunak, Lahad Datu or Sandakan.

A person will never speak more than one accent perfectly. Yes, I admit there are people who move/migrate and they eventually adopting the 'new' accent but it will never sound axactly like the local, the local will always know you are from somewhere else.

Currently, I'm training my ears to recognise British accent for certain region. I feel very lucky British universities have very diverse nationality and my two years here actually teached me lots of country (e.g China, Thailand, German, Spanish, Italy, Cyprus etc) funny way to speak English.

I've been searching Youtube for a video that best demonstrate the British accents and I hope this video will make you smile. :)


ruffey said...

accent. aku rasa aku jaguh kot. hehehh.

seriously, people of Tanah Melayu can't tell if i'm from Sabah and think thaT i am from Tanah Melayu also.

I managed to learn Sarawak accent. hey, ada org Sarawak ingat aku betul2 org Sarawak.

accent Indonesia. heheh. org Indonesia mesti tak caya kalau aku kata aku dari Malaysia. my friend said that my Indonesian accent is hard to distinguish with native speaker. almost perfectlah. hoho

accent kadayan je sampai skrg aku ada masalah. hahahah

accent sabah ok kot.

BoZaki said...

I am so jealous right now. cause i did not have the opportunity like ya'll to recognize stuff like this. for me here, it is all the same. Arr... :-(.

one sandwich short of a picnic said...

menarik topik ni. dlm pahang je setiap daerah ada accent masing2. kuantan more kl+ganu and the others make up their own unique accent n thankfully i can speak some and understand most. can speak good ganu as well but only can understand kelate but not a speaker. other than dat, im a lousy scouser. eh no, lousy speaker.

zeq said...

rafshan : waaaa, terernya ko farshan~~~

bozaki : ndak payah jeles, kami sini plak jeles sebab sini kami cam socially retarded ni sebab cara hidup yg lain ;)

1 : x pe wan, kita lousy scouser tapi kita superb manc!