Friday, 16 May 2008

Am I Crazy?

I am actually viewing his friendster over and over again.
I am actually talking about him to almost anyone, anytime.
I am actually feeling jealous.
I am actually wanted ko know more about him.
I am actually miss calling him just to hear his voice.
I am actually crazy...

because I never speak to him before.
We were at the same school once but never really know each other until recently I saw his pictures and he gave me the feels I lost for years.

The jealousy,
the addiction,
the wanted to hear him,
the nervousness,
the my heart feeling like jumping out of my body,
the desire to be perfect in front of him,
the same feeling I felt for Acai for years.

What should I do?


joey said...


one sandwich short of a picnic said...

jgn sampai menyesal sbb tak pernah try. cuba try skali tengokkkkkk.

syida said...

siapakah 'dia' ? =p

osyim said...