Tuesday, 6 November 2007

orang kata

kalau kita rindu orang tu sangat-sangat. orang tu rindu kita jugak. aku harap sangat apa yang orang kata itu betul.

klik atau clique (dalam bahasa inggeris) bermaksud

A clique (pronounced AmE /klɪk/, BrE /kliːk/) is an informal and restricted social group formed by people who share common interests or patterns of behavior. They are often subsets of larger social groups and are most commonly associated with teenagers, although they may exist anywhere. Teenage cliques have been relevantly addressed in both literature and cinema. An example of cliques is in the game Bully, which contains various stereotypical social groups such as nerd, jocks, and bullies, among others.
Cliques also exist politically, in the form of ruling cliques or a group of politicians who limit control of others through insular conduct. Political cliques are often a feature of corruption when power is not shared equally among those who are supposedly on a level footing. A complex series of military alliances between warlords in a civil war can form cliques, as did the Zhili clique in the history of the Republic of China. Similar situations also featured in the rise of Nazi Germany, and are also common in many Middle Eastern and South American nations which are not wholly democratic.

kata wikipedia.

kata aku : komuniti kita tidak besar, dikecilkan pula oleh klik. bagi aku klik bermaksud 'mean'.


osyim said...

Pasal rindu...xpernah pulak aku dgr ada yang menyangkal....

Clique-> mean...mostly...sbb dalam group jak la baru boleh tunjuk kuasa...kalau sorang2...hurm...

Wawa said...

i hate clique.

sbb kalau aku tak masuk dalam klik itu, nanti aku akan rasa sangat kerdil dan terpinggir.


w a n t w o b u c k l e m y s h o e said...

dont tell me dah muncul klik pula di tempat yang baru je suka n settle down. that's sad. but anything yg dtg pun i know u're too strong to affected.

sampulnak said...

osyim : yepz. betul2.

wawa : yes, that's exactly how i felt.

1 : not that strong. but luckily everything settled.