Saturday, 8 December 2007

surat-surat yang membuang masa

The Timewaster Letters by Robin Cooper.

The book is about Robin Cooper (A guy with too much time). He sent letters to various companies, associations and societies.
Such as Ikea, Next plc, the London Mayor association etc...

First, he will try to sell his idea and it looks very promising. Then, most of the 'victims' will reply to his letters and asking him to send them extract, rough work, plans, drawings or pictures. Then he will reply to them with his horrible ideas.

Honestly,I enjoyed the book. Especially companies who seem to be very polite and interested at the beginning turned into some cold and we-are-too-good-to-associate-with-people-like-you type.

But sometime he tends to over do it a little bit.

British people found the book very funny, so if you have the same sense of humour with them, this is the book for you.

if you don't know what is british humour. Click here for an interesting explanation.


w a n t w o b u c k l e m y s h o e said...

i dunno how british humor present itself on paper, coz im a terrible reader. but on the screen, understanding the accent itself is a challenge, esp the scottish, merseyside n other accents. typical british accent in famous movies or comedy is good and easy to indulge.

WaWa said...

hurm. macam best je buku ni. nanti aku beli. :D

WaWa said...

aku suda beli buku tu kat ebay. hari selasa sampai. boleh baca dalam flight. ;)

arsaili said...

umm never like british humor..erkkk