Wednesday, 30 January 2008

thank you everyone

  • A phone call from my father and brother.
  • Two sms from my sister.
  • 3 sms from my bestfriends, Nurul, Yanti and Cheng.
  • 1 friendster testimonial Cheng.
  • Lots of facebook and YM wishes.
  • A chocolate cheesecake from Joey.
  • Topshop black and glossy bag from Hajare.
  • A black and white Dorothy Perkins, knee length dress from Ayu.
  • A black sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases from Ayu.
  • Filleted salmon and mussels with saffron sauce in an italian restaurant from Fatin.
  • A box of chocolate drom Hamadah and Badiatul.
  • An audio spanish refreshment course from Chem.
  • A mug from Abby.
  • Two big and red roses from Aini.
  • New haircut, Gorgeous blouses, Warehouse dress, Oasis boot, Next sweater, Tierack scarf, Evans pijama and trousers by me.

thank you everyone............ couldn't ask for more :)


Joey said...

bila nak amek gambar?

WaWa said...

lupa nak wish!!
bila cuti spring?

wawa said...

nasib baik dah wish in advance harituhy..

anyway now i am gonna wish you a happy belated birthday..

i just came back from an outstation job..

hope you are happy regardless your location.


have a bashful year ahead okehh

faisal said...

waaa, birthday ye?!! happy belated besday wak ye..smoga apa yg diimpikan dalam hidup akan jadi kenyataan!!!

Anonymous said...

semoga hidup sentiasa ceria dan bahagia... :)

hAjArE said...

upload gamba2!!!malam tu makan dkt italian restoran best la plak!mcm girls day out!talking about boy's bodyparts!!muahahaha!!

Joey said...

Hoi! Apekah hajare..

one sandwich short of a picnic said...

happy birthday zeq. sori lewat. hehe byk hadiah, which means u got lots of good friends around on on ur day. hopefully lots of success, prosperity and health to come. amin to that.