Monday, 28 January 2008

thinking of you

Thinking of You by Jill Mansell

Just a plain story about a single mother, her only daughter (Jem) leaving the house. Started her life as an adult at University of Bristol and how she (Ginny, the mother) made her life interesting again by getting a lodger and accidently meet a rich man who love her in return. A modern fairytale for women.

I believe there were thousands of english movies and novels about student life in the US. But it's quite rare to read or watch anything about student life in the UK. Well, the book did mention a typical life of british students.

Living in a rented house with two or three other peoples that we never meet before. We do not have roommates, as almost all the rooms in the UK is single. Our house usually mix gender. Doing weekend part time job at restaurants or pubs. Went clubbing occassionally. Get drunk on saturday night and having hangover on sunday.

Going home on easter and chrismas holidays only, pop out to their parents house for a week and spend the other three weeks working or travelling. People prefer to walk around the city rather than driving. Travel by train very often. Your boots and winter jacket are very precious, you choose them carefully and the biggest investment of your entire wardrobe.

This is what I like about the book, it shows the difference between british and american student way of life.

Otherwise, the book was just a plain story with a surprising twist and a happy ending.


one sandwich short of a picnic said...

i guess that similarities in a way made it an interesting read for u. whats a lodger anyway zeq..

faisal said...

rajin je akk baca buku2 ni ye..:) kalau ada buku pasal kehidupan life org mesia blajaa kat sane ok gak,ehhee..bleh tau diskriminasi skit yg diaorg hadapi..:)