Wednesday, 28 November 2007

hobi yang sudah terlalu lama tidak dibuat.

I promised myself to read lots of books during last summer holiday and actually had bought and borrowed almost 60 books. but my summer was too busy and the only books i read are the SVH senior year collection. haha. I know it's too high schoolish. but it was summer and meant for holiday, right?

ok. after a rough test yesterday, I started to read Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern. The same author who wrote P/S : I Love You. Something light for my mind and something to take me out from formula, proof, theorem or whatever it is a math geek will read everyday. I'm still in the middle of the book, exactly at page 200 (the book have 440 pages) and I want to dedicate this line to all my housemate and friends who seem to never being able to make any decision about their love life.

Love is just the same. But if that is making you miserable then leave and find something else that bring you happiness you deserve to feel.

well, at least "stability" people around you deserve to feel.

The book is well written. The idea is fresh. And most importantly it describe all the feeling adults have on daily basis. Loneliness. Fear of unemployment. Friends, best friend, commitment to your child and family. The best thing about this book is, I finally realize that I am not the only lonely person in this world. Everyone is lonely but we have our own way to deal with it.

As the holiday season is around the corner. I think I can afford to post more book reviews here :))


kihampau said...

just to say...selamat berjuang bah...lonely tu perasaan sahaja...dan semua urang pernah,akan dan sedang lonely.

w a n t w o b u c k l e m y s h o e said...

could not agree more. after having non stop life for years of so called practitioner of being in love. the time has come for me to look back and do some juxtaposing between love or life, surely it's not realistic for me right now. love can be overrated.

heard cecelia ahern a lot from my reading friend. light love story reads is always a good option.

Wawa said...

i hv read that book.

i love the way it is written.

i wanna write more but time doesn't permits.

will catch ya later k.

sampulnak said...

kihampau : thanx for the supportive comment. hope to know you better in the future.

wan : yeah, love is over rated. dont fall in love. and you will never hurt again.

wawa : take ur time, blogging and leaving comments are not priority in our busy life. the blog can wait